THE VAN: A 2012 Ford Transit panel van, short wheel base, medium roof, 66,000 miles.

THE PLAN: To convert the van into a camper van and start travelling, the long term aim being to only work half of each year and travel the rest.

We are Kate (47) and Steve (52) and this is our blog about the transformation of our van and subsequent travels. It is purely for our own purposes, a place to record the work, the ups and downs, the memories, the laughs and grimaces. We had pondered keeping it a private blog, but have decided to publish just in case there is anyone else out there with similar dreams and daft aspirations.

A bit about ourselves: Steve is a council worker Womble, he picks up litter and, if possible, brings it home to make good use of the things that he finds…things that the everyday folk leave behind…

Kate (the author of this work) is a housewife, something she never thought she would be, but, it turns out she quite likes it…not so keen on writing about herself in the third person though, that might have to change! We have two children, aged 15 and 16, they have both been home educated and are typical computer-addicted teenagers that pretty much leave us alone these days. Our mortgage is paid off and our house is small and cheap to run, so we have been able to save up and buy our van for cash. We hope to do the van conversion over the next few months and then start out on daytrips, progressing to overnighters, longer trips and then…when the children turn, magically, into mature, sensible adults in 3 years time, and we have scraped together enough savings, Steve will leave the council and we’ll be off….

If any readers do toddle by this way, please feel free to comment and chat, I have set up a facebook page here  facebook.com/avanandaplan and might even venture into other social media at some point. So, off we go…..