Step 1: Get a van….

Not as simple as it sounds…SO many questions, especially when one is married to an engineer who has driven vans all his adult life. What make? ….er…van? Which model? …umm…sexy? How high? What engine size? Panelled or windows? Front seats or crew cab? How many miles? How old? How much money??? Aaargh!!! BUT…although overwhelmed initially, after weeks of these questions and having a patient, relentless husband shoving pictures of various makes, models and design under my nose at all hours of day and night, we decide on the following:

  • Ford Transit
  • Short wheel base
  • Medium roof
  • Panelled
  • Just front seats
  • Preferably under 100,000 miles
  • The newer the better
  • Price range about £5k-£7 but could go higher if pushed.

We were open to change, especially as most vans we liked seemed to be 100s of miles away. However, we were in no hurry, we trusted that the right van would be revealed at the right time…and so she was, and right on our doorstep at a very small family business just up the road near Wetherby.

A trip out on a very rainy Tuesday morning (16th May 2017 for the record!) saw us haggling for this beauty:


We got her for £6,800 with 66,000 miles and a 2012 plate. A hurried trip home sorted out insurance and road tax (hurrah for the internet…so easy and quick!) and she was OURS!!


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