2. What needs to be done first?

The van seems to be in good condition, not much rust, just a few spots that will be easily rubbed down and painted. The first main job is to remove the bulkhead behind the seats so that we have daylight in the back.


This comes out easily and then Steve sets to taking out the interior panelling and unwanted bolts and fittings:


Meanwhile, I arm myself with soapy water, cloths and Autoglym and start cleaning the slightly mucky cab area…


I’m quite proud of how clean and gleaming I manage to get it…it only took 2 1/2 hours! The van was a hire van and we were starting to find evidence that it was used by builders..splashes of plaster and cement. But, as we started removing layers, we were also coming across rather a lot of dry, sandy soil encrusted in all the nooks and crannies. We thought we had hoovered, scraped and mopped up the worst of it until I decided to lift the edge of the fitted cab matting….

Thick, damp muddy soil was everywhere…we had already swept some of it up before taking these photos. I’m intrigued as to how it could have spread so far under the cab mat. Steve thinks maybe there had been a loose load of soil in the back and the company had just power washed it out, thus forcing it into every crevice!

So, everything was left to dry out and then we set to again with the vacuum cleaner and the soapy water. I even cleaned the seats with upholstery shampoo. And things are starting to look a bit better:

The final job before the man went back to work for the week, was to remove the orange ‘winky pot’ and the very substantial, heavy tow bar:


So that is where we are up to at the end of this first week. However, we have also been busy in the planning department, designing the interior and doing lots of research and, already, a fair bit of ordering online. The next post will cover the interesting subjects of sound proofing, ventilation and insulation…yeah, sexy stuff!!


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